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Infotech Red

Infotech RED is the engine room for all the software research and development activities within the Infotech Group and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Infotech.  Infotech RED houses all the Intellectual Property and then licenses it to the other Infotech subsidiaries or direct clients.


Infotech RED specializes in the development of solutions which are deployed in a 24/7 environment and has built up extensive experience over several years. Infotech RED provides the following services to their clients:


  • Project management

  • System engineering

  • Custom development

  • Systems integration

  • Implementation and support

Infotech RED develops the following type of applications:


  • Web

  • Mobile

  • Windows applications

Infotech RED makes use of the Microsoft technology stack to develop solutions:


  • Microsoft Windows Server

  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • IIS

  • Microsoft .Net

  • ASP.Net


Various high-end and complex solutions for various industries have been built by the team, including but not limited to military, security, health, tracking, logistics and energy management.


Infotech RED has also been involved in building new systems from scratch, integration of existing systems into newly developed components, or customizing of existing solutions to fit client expectations and requirements. 




Christo Linde
Christo Linde
Head of Development BSc (Electronics Engineering), MBA

Christo completed his BSc Engineering studies at the University of Pretoria in 1988 and worked as a Software Engineer and later as a Systems Engineer for a number of companies such as Telkom SA, Dimension Data, Quality Engineering Development (QED) and Tracker to name a few. During this time he also completed his Master in Business Administration (MBA) at the University of Pretoria in 1996.

During his career as a Software/System Engineer he has worked on a number of high profile projects such as the billing system for Telkom SA, Mission Planning Systems for the Rooivalk attack helicopter as well as the Hawk multi-purpose aircraft (from BAE Systems), Health and Usage Monitoring System System for the Agusta A109 light utility helicopter and an alarm monitoring system for the security industry.

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Bendré Kriek
Bendré Kriek
Dip. Comp. Sc.

Bendré studied computer science at the Computer Training Institute (CTI) and graduated with honours in 2002. He started his career at Fourier Systems as a software developer in Jan 2003 before joining Infotech in Oct 2004. At Infotech he was involved and led various software development projects for blue chip clients. During the past few years his focus was on a smart metering project for an Infotech subsidiary. His current role is as a project lead.


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Jacques-Francois Loots
Jacques-Francois Loots
Dip. Comp. Sc.

Jacques-Francois studied computer science at the Computer Training Institute (CTI) and graduated with distinction in 1998. He was then appointed as full-time C++ instructor at CTI and held this position for approximately 4 years before joining Infotech in 2002. He has been through the Software Development Life Cycle many times and performed a leading role on various projects and systems in the vehicle telematics, logistics, energy management and security sectors. His development experience spans a wide range, including back-end services, integrations with 3rd party systems or devices and front-end software utilizing various technologies. Jacques-Francois is currently the development project lead for the IntelliGen platform.


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